Review: Rode NT-USB Microphone

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Rode’s NT-USB is one of the most popular products we will feature on our website. It’s so good that they even made a smaller version called NT-USB mini. The NT-USB is popular with vloggers, creators, musicians and other professionals in the creative field.

To let you know why you should and shouldn’t buy the NT-USB microphone, we have written up our very own review.


The rich sound quality is a significant factor for this microphone. It feels like a studio microphone, and all it requires is a simple USB connection, making your setup neater compared to the days where you had to use a condenser microphone with a phantom power supply and more. It also does well recording insignificant sounds, really bringing out the ear-pleasing studio sound.

Those looking to complete an entire setup can also buy Rode’s studio microphone boom arm and pop filter, making your selections just that much easier for your setup.


It’s hard to criticize this great microphone. Besides the boom bracket being plastic, there isn’t much to say. While the price could turn some people off, there aren’t any mics that can outperform it in other categories to choose it over the NT-USB.


Rode’s NT-USB is a well-built microphone; it feels professional and has some weight to it weighing just over half a kilogram with its metal chassis. It’s the ideal microphone for a podcast or rant vlog with its studio-like quality and can be great for recording voiceovers. However, if you’re looking for a significant improvement to this microphone, you’ll need to really up the budget and hope you have a great studio setup behind you.


Many alternatives have come over the years to the NT-USB by Rode. However, not many would beat it for its price and quality. For example, the Blue Yeti microphone is a big competitor; however, it has a flimsier chassis. Moreover, many new brands have popped up on Amazon and other outlets. However, they have don’t deliver the rich sound quality or the excitement of the NT-USB.


The sound quality, built quality and price of the NT-USB makes it the king of USB microphones in its price range. In addition, its versatility and high-end design make it a worthwhile microphone for any beginner or advanced vlogger.