Review: Movo VXR10

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The well-priced Movo VXR10 is one of the better starting microphones for vloggers. It’s currently priced at £29.95 on Amazon and comes as a great small addition to a starting video kit.

To find out more, we looked at the microphone, made some notes, and wrote a review on what we thought about it.


There is no escaping the fact that a mic’s price is a major selling point. Even though it isn’t the cheapest microphone on the market, it is undoubtedly a more affordable choice for video creators. Thus, making itself a gold competitor for beginners in the world of vlogging.

Additionally, for its price, it provides vloggers and video makers with fantastic sound quality that beats many of its competitors and comes with a shockmount, furry windscreen, a carrying pouch and two basic 3.5mm jacks.


The overall feel of the mic is a bit fragile, making it a questionable selection for those filming in harsher conditions. Also, this microphone only includes a 3.5mm jack; thus, if you want to use it on a smartphone or a tablet with a USB C port or other, you’ll need to buy an adapter.


As mentioned above, the microphone possesses a cheap-feeling build. Overall, the sound quality is a significant upgrade from a camera or phone microphone, offering a stable sound profile ideal for documentaries and family videos.


To this excellent microphone, there are, of course, many alternatives. Comparable to the Rode VXR10 is the Rode VideoMicro Compact, which costs around £20 more. Rode would personally be our choice because its low end sounds cleaner, requiring less post-production mixing. Despite the Rode’s superior sound, the VXR10 delivers a more directional sound, making it a better choice for recording dialogue.

What do customer reviews say?

From the hundreds of reviews of this microphone, we can thoroughly say it’s a great addition to any kit. But no microphone is perfect. Here are some of the customer reviews.

One of the positive reviews say: “I wanted a small microphone to fit on top of my DSLR and also on a small camcorder. The Movo fitted the bill nicely. I am totally impressed with the sound quality and accessories that are include with this mike. Value for money, it is excellent.”

On the other hand, a negative review stated: “I haven’t used the mic yet but, the braces are flimsy cheap plastic. One broke when clipped to the camera straight away. Other seems to be holding though. Guess that’s why they send two…”