Review: Boya BY-M1 Clip-On Microphone

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Currently priced at £14, the Boya BY-M1 microphone doesn’t get any more budget-friendly. However, whilst priced so cheap, the quality of the mic is surprisingly sufficient for any amateur vlogger looking to produce consistent content. 

Here is our microphone review and why it’s an excellent first choice for filmmakers and vloggers.


On the positive side, the BY-M1 is remarkably affordable; it costs the same as a tasty lunch at the pub, which is simply a bargain for any clip-on microphone. Besides, the microphone works with your camera and phone, making it easier to adapt to different situations when filming. Sound quality-wise, it’s not majestic but undoubtedly acceptable for vlogs looking to get ignited and certainly beats any DSLR audio quality.


There are many cons to this microphone, but that’s understandable. It’s inexpensive. Firstly, it’s a battery-based microphone meaning you’ll have to replace them if you use it with your camera. 

Additionally, it uses a cable connection rather than wireless, so you must think about health and safety to avoid a dangerous situation in advance. Don’t trip over!


In terms of the build quality, it’s not the most sweeping; in fact, it feels a bit flimsy and, at first, feels like it may snap at any point. The cable itself is also skinny, which gets tangled very easily. Sound-wise it’s acceptable for the price but won’t beat any high-end setup.


There are many alternatives to the BY-M1 clip-on microphone. The options are, in our opinion, too many. I’d say the Rode VideoMicro Compact microphone could be a more suitable choice if you are looking for a slightly better built and quality. For this sparse improvement, a questionable one at that, you’d be paying more than three times the price for it. Rather than its full recording quality, Rode’s alternative only earns us more confidence because of its well-earned and respected name.

What do customer reviews say?

There are over 1,000 reviews of this microphone on Amazon alone, so we have compiled some mixed reviews. One customer stated: “The quality of the sound produced is excellent. There is an excellent clip to allow you to hold the mic to your clothes etc. The lead is extremely long and could easily connect to a camera or smartphone whilst being quite a distance away.”

Most disappointed reviews stated that the microphone doesn’t work with Macbooks and that the lead is too long. However, in general, the reviews were positive and showcased why the microphone is a grand bargain.