Review: AKG P120 Microphone

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AKG P120 is a budget-friendly microphone that’s great for vloggers, gamers and those looking to create ear-pleasing podcasts for their audiences. In this short but helpful review, we’ll look at the microphone in detail to discover its pros and cons.

Pros of AKG P120

The microphone has a relatively large diaphragm for starters and is suitable for various uses that require professional quality audio. As it is a condenser microphone, our recommendation for the microphone would be to record music, for example, drum recording, guitar recording, or vocal recording that requires crisp and rich sound.

Price-wise, it’s around £70, making it much more affordable than the NT-USB by Rode or the Blue Yeti USB microphone. Especially if you already have a phantom power supply.


Sadly, the microphone does not have a USB connection, making it a no-go for people needing a plug and play microphone. We’d recommend looking at alternatives if you are looking for an easy setup. 

It also feels flimsy when you hold it in your hands; thus, getting a flexible and strong stand for the microphone is worth considering. As it is a condenser mic, you will also have to acquire a phantom power supply to make it work, meaning you’ll be spending more money than you would simply by buying a USB microphone such as an NT-USB.


Whilst the chassis of the AKG P120 does feel a little shoddy, the sound makes up for it. We’d recommend using a sturdy microphone stand and an additional pop filter to get the most out of it. We’d also recommend buying a quality phantom power supply such as the AKG B48 or a Neewer alternative. However, this can hurt your wallet.


If you’re looking for something more serious, you can opt for AKG’s P420, a higher-performing microphone with a dual-capsule. This alternative will cost more than double but has better sensitivity at 28 mV/Pa and a signal to noise of 79 dB-A.


The microphone is a great starter mic for vloggers and podcasters. Before buying it, we’d look at any USB alternatives as condenser microphones can rack up in price when you include phantom power and additional cables. They are becoming a thing of the past for those looking for an effortless solution.