Party for the People: Political Parties That Utilise Videos

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Political parties in the U.K love a great marketing campaign and, whilst controversial, tend to do a solid job in promoting their values and mission to their current and potential voters.

In this piece, we’ll look at some videos created by the parties to gain a positive uplift in voting.


Labour is known as the party for the people and have had many creative marketing campaigns over the years.

In 2018, the party created a mildly succesful video with their former leader Jeremy Corbyn. In this 3-minute piece named We’re Rebuilding Britain, we see the hard working people of Britain at work looking to make change. This impactful video does a great job of bringing out about the core of what Labour is about and stands as one of the better campaign videos made by the party in the last decade.


Whilst controversial, the media attention that the Tory party receives via their campaign videos are undoubtedly succesful.

Two years ago, the party made a comedic video with their party leader Boris Johnson, parodying the popular Christmas film Love Actually. Here is the video.

Green Party

The Green Party of England and Wales is a green, left-wing political party with an impressive following that has grown vastly since climate change has been made more mainstream in the eyes of the public.

Their 2015 election broadcast video Change The Tune was a significant success parodying the major parties of the UK and their leaders.

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