Interview: Michael Andrew

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Michael Andrew is an Olympic gold medalist swimmer who keeps a vlog of his routine as an elite athlete. Recently, Michael competed at the Tokyo Olympic Games, where he won a gold medal as part of the medley relay team. Michael vlogs his process behind the scenes, allowing fans to follow him along on his rigorous training schedule and see what his life is like outside of the pool. From race analysis videos titled “Worst Freestyle Ever” to swim meet travel vlogs, Michael covers all of his bases.

Here is our interview with Michael.

Hi, how are you?

I’m doing fantastically thanks for asking!

So, how did you get into vlogging?

I first got into vlogging in 2014 at one of my first international competitions. It was Junior Pan Pacs 2014 in Hawaii. I don’t believe that video is still on my channel but that’s where it all started!

Can you describe your vlog in 3 words?

My Vlog in 3 words is tough… I would say insightful (to the world of pro swimming), homemade, intriguing. A clear look in the life of a pro swimmer.

Do you have a favourite piece of content you’ve produced?

Every vlog is unique to my preset season. One of my favourites is my most recent where I take the viewer behind the scenes at our Olympic Training camp while in Hawaii.

How often do you produce content, and is there a way you schedule it?

When I am disciplined and have the time I love being able to post as frequently as once a week. But I have never been able to maintain (a regular schedule) as my main job title is not YouTube (vlogger). I’m a professional athlete first and my commitments there are exhaustive. My goal in the future is to bring people on board to help me with content creation and development so that I can create a sustainable routine for uploads.

How do you balance being an elite athlete with vlogging?

It’s a challenge, but what I have to realize is my sport has to come first. Currently, Youtube is a hobby that I want to grow into something bigger but I have a great audience because of my time as an athlete.

What equipment do you use for vlogging?

I currently shoot all my vlogs on the Sony A7c with a 16-35 lens and will often use my GoPro Hero9 for the in water action shots.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring vlogger, what would it be?

My advice to any aspiring vlogger would be to create content that interests you. Don’t try and become a vlogger you think people will view and like. Be authentic to who you are, and your audience will respect you for that.

Which part of the vlogging process do you find the most difficult, and do you have a way to deal with it?

The most difficult part of the vlogging process for me is the editing. It’s easy to capture content as it’s my day to day, but to find extra time to sit and edit a well put together vlog is very difficult when sleep and being rested for training is a huge priority. For me, I know my best way to combat this is to bring in someone to help me edit.

How do you think the landscape of vlogging has evolved over time?

The vlogging scene has evolved incredibly. It’s a super fun world to be involved in and very appealing to the younger generation especially. I think with that and a combination of tools of the trade becoming more accessible and more affordable it allows for anyone to create and share. Which is awesome. Everyone has a story to tell.

If you weren’t vlogging, what would you be doing? Do you see yourself pursuing vlogging as a career beyond swimming?

I see vlogging as a passion that complements my career as an athlete. As I get older I’d love to continue vlogging and sharing my life story through this amazing platform. I could certainly see myself being a full-time content creator but at the moment it’s too much (for me) on my own while competing at the highest level.

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