How To Make a YouTube Channel & Get Started in 2021

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With YouTube still being such a dominating force in the world of vlogging, the temptation to join the platform is immense. As a result, millions of accounts are being made, and thousands upload their content to their channels. But with all the changes to YouTube over the years, how does one make a YouTube channel in 2021?

Here is our guide on how you can make a YouTube channel. We promise it’s easier than you think.

Getting a Google account

Before you do anything, you must have a Google account. A Google account is easy to make and can be made here. You’ll need all the regular information, but we also recommend adding a recovery phone number and email address to secure your account better.

Thinking of a channel name

Before you start a channel, it’s worth thinking of some names you may want to use. Now, we recommend picking something original and something that is not trademarked, as you don’t want any trouble later on. After you have thought you chose a name, make sure you Google around and see if anyone with a similar phrase appears. Also, search it on YouTube, as the last thing you want is someone with the same or nearly identical channel name as you.

Creating the account

After you’ve made your Google account and have a name in mind for the channel, go ahead and go to YouTube. Firstly, you want to click on your profile picture on the right side of the screen and click ‘Create a channel.’ At this point, you’ll be requested to make a YouTube channel. You should check your details before proceeding and confirm that you want to start a channel. Boom, your channel is ready. You are officially a YouTuber, prepared to upload your videos.

Developing your social media deck

It’s nice to have a YouTube channel, but you’ll need more reach. Social media profiles are a fantastic way of getting organic reach to your YouTube channel. Thus, we recommend making at least three social media accounts or pages for your vlog specifically.

Not sure where to start? Well, if you’re into fashion, then Instagram and Pinterest are a great start. Joining Twitter can be great for discussions and networking. Whilst Facebook still stands strong with its videos, thus maybe uploading your short vlogs could be a good idea.

After you’ve created your social media channels, please invite your friends and family to follow and share them. This simple chore will help with your reach later on.

Graphic design for your YouTube channel

We put it plainly, but we mean it. Graphic design is vital when it comes to YouTube channels. An eye-pleasing avatar and a banner are easy to make, but if you are not sure, you can hire people from Fiverr or other platforms to do it for you.

On the other hand, you can also use tools like Canva, which helps you create graphic design for free. The platform is simple but is so well-made that templates have been done for icons, banners, thumbnails and even intros.

Getting equipment

If you haven’t got any yet, getting the right equipment is a great way to boost the chances of getting your vlog noticed. High-quality videos are expected nowadays, and luckily for you, you likely have a phone that can do that for you. If you want to go more professional, then getting a lighting kit, a microphone, and a camera with a lens will do the trick for you. Remember, equipment is essential, but it doesn’t mean your content will be any better. Audio quality, superb editing, and an appealing personality will take you much further than simply some 4K footage.

Creating videos

After everything is set up, or most of it. It’s time to start making videos. It’s all up to you, creativity is in your hands, and now you have the chance to use it however you want. Growing on YouTube is not easy, but if you are consistent with your content, at some point, one of the videos will do better than the rest. Then, we’d follow that video up and create similar content to that. Becoming prominent in a niche is the way to go before you expand with more broad content.

Don’t give up

Final words of advice, never give up. Your content is significant to someone; thus, always look back at it, analyse it, see how others do it and implement any changes for your future videos. Your luck could change with a few changes such as more clickbait titles, thumbnails or even simply the length of your videos. Remember, your content needs to attract subscribers, not just one time viewers, thus think about each bit of your video. It has to be good to sell.

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