Guide to Starting a Vlog

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With video cameras being extremely accessible and most people owning one, starting your own vlog or video blog has never been easier. Within the current generation starting a vlog has never been easier and has become increasingly popular. People nowadays are turning to these online videos and vlogs to have their answers to questions and to see insights into people’s daily lives. 

With today’s society being so accepting and interested in this form of documentation, people are becoming more and more willing and accustomed to documenting and sharing their days, experiences, and opinions through these video clips. This industry is now extremely lucrative and allows many to earn a living through the digital screen. 

Why Start A Vlog

There are many reasons to consider starting a vlog, and many people do it for a variety of different reasons. Here are some of the many reasons:

Fame And Fortune

It is possible to generate hundreds of thousands of followers and have your videos watched by millions and establish yourself as a famous vlogger. Some people have been able to establish themselves as key influencers such as Zoella or Joe Sugg and become a celebrity through doing so. With this fame, they have found themselves being able to earn and be paid to promote products throughout their videos.

The Ability To Reach A Wide Audience

When using platforms such as YouTube you are allowing your vlog to be reached all over the world and be received by a wide audience. Using platforms such as this will allow your videos to become more accessible to the masses and your message to be shared. With this type of platform, you can still drive traffic to your own personal website and utilise it to generate leads and find a newly engaged audience. 

You Are Directly Engaging With Your Audience

The benefit of having and starting a vlog is that you have the unique ability to engage with your audience in a more personal way. They will be able to get to know you through watching your vlogs and this will allow your viewers to build up their trust in you as an expert and value what you are saying and sharing. By connecting with others in this format you are establishing yourself in a memorable way and are more likely to leave a lasting impression with your audience encouraging them to go back to your site again and again. 

When To Start A Vlog

The short answer is now. If you own a phone with a video camera you are ready to start. You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to start vlogging, you just need a video camera and to record. You don’t need to go through any training. You just need to shoot interesting and engaging video content and then upload them on a website. YouTube currently is the most popular site for vloggers with the ability to share content on any and all genre niches. 

When you are ready to start creating a vlog, you need to consider how you will convert your videos into content that will engage with others and allow you to build up a following. Having an active audience for your vlogs is not an impossible task. The key to building up an active audience is posting top-quality videos and having engaging content.

With there being the ability for any and everyone to be able to become a vlogger, it is now about learning and understanding how you will be able to elevate your vlog and ensure that it stands out from the masses and is good enough to allow you to turn this into a successful vlogging account. Here is a vlogging guide to help you get started and make a successful vlog

How Vlogs Differ To Other Online Videos

A video blog is a type of video content that is used to document your own personal experiences, opinions, and general life. It is an action shot of what would have been documented within a written blog. 

These have become increasingly popular in current times as it offers a visual insight that can resonate with current users and embrace the modern web experiences users are opting for. Where written blog posts can require a lot more focus and attention, vlogs allow the audience to utilise their other senses and create a personal feel. 

The key differentiating factor between vlogs and video content is that a vlog focuses upon the vlogger. Instead of just showcasing a product, place or food a vlogger is sharing their experience, their opinions and a first-hand insight in that particular moment. This is the main difference. A standard video would focus purely upon one section and although it can be educational and informative it won’t embody and portray a wider perspective. 

What To Consider Before Starting A Vlog

In essence, starting a vlog is extremely straightforward. However, in order for you to start a successful vlog and meet the goal of creating engaging content and gaining followers and subscribers to your account, you need to follow a few straightforward steps. 

Choose your Niche Wisely

Like any successful blog, the key component when starting off with the ambition to become a successful vlogger is to select a niche that firstly interests you and that you are passionate about. 

A vlog is a place where you will be expressing your ideas, thoughts and opinions to the world. There is no long term benefit in choosing a niche as you know it is popular and will in the short term attract a high following as in the long term your enthusiasm will waiver and your lack of passions and enthusiasm will show. Ultimately it isn’t a sustainable option for long-term growth.

There are many types of niches you can choose and some of these are: fashion, books, gaming, engineering, art, construction, education, sports and more.

Choosing a niche topic that you have strong opinions and beliefs on will keep the vlogging spark alive. Although it may take a little longer to build up your following you will be able to continue creating content that is engaging and that you enjoy making. Vlogging after all is about enjoyment and should be something that you enjoy doing, not just a potential money pot.

Let’s Talk Equipment

As highlighted and mentioned earlier, the reality is that all you need is a camera that has video capabilities. When you watch other vloggers and content creators you will see that a lot of them started off using their mobile phones to shoot their vlog content. With mobile cameras now offering a decent video camera, you can definitely start out with these and not worry about quality.

However, as your vlog grows you will want to consider upgrading from your mobile phone device and investing in a better quality video camera that will allow you to capture and take videos in a much higher quality and in longer takes.

Along with shooting the content, you will also want to use video editing software. When you are starting out, you may not want to spend a lot of anything on editing and there are a number of free tools available for you to use. Depending upon the style of your vlog you may choose to upgrade your editing software and opt to buy one. These will offer a wider range of features and effects that you can apply to your vlog. 

Moreover, we’d recommend investing in decent audio equipment. From our experience, audio is about 60% of your video. In fact, many people

The most common equipment used when starting out is:

Why Edit Your Videos?

You have probably watched many vlogging videos and what is clear is that some are more visually appealing than others. This is due to how they are edited. In order for your account to stand out and be remembered for the right reasons, you need to be able to generate well-edited videos that cut to the chase.

If you are new to vlogging, take your time watching other vlogs and seeing what styles of vlogging appeal to you. Take your time learning how to complete basic edits and become familiar with the software you will be using and what techniques need to be applied in order to generate the desired outcome. There are many options in terms of software to edit vlogs including Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer.

The basic idea however when it comes to editing your videos is to take all of your video clips and apply them into one cohesive video. With the use of your editing software, you will be able to upload all of your clips and organise them in a way that conveys the message you are looking to share. It is important when editing that you are only keeping content that is relevant to your vlog. You will need to be a little ruthless when it comes to editing in order to keep the message clear and to ensure that your audience won’t lose interest. 

Within the editing process, you will also be able to add music and text. Both of these are extremely beneficial when it comes to making a vlog succeed. Adding text or logos enhances your vlog by supporting your visual content. It could be captioned to support your vlog if the audio is not clear or added notes or comments to keep your viewer engaged. Having the addition of background music can also elevate your vlog to the next level as it sets the mood for your vlog. With any added audio it is important that you are using the ‘right’ music to enhance your content and that you are using this as background and keeping the music soft enough that it doesn’t deter from the content that you are sharing through talking.

Choose Your Hook

When completing the editing part of your vlog, you are going to want to choose a clip that lasts approximately 10-15 seconds to apply as your hook. Your hook is a short part of your video that is in place to entice people to watch the full vlog content. It is important that this is chosen wisely as this small snapshot moment is the defining part between your audience clicking and engaging with your content or moving onto a different clip. 

It is usually shown at the start of the clip and it can be anything from a sentence or a call to action. This is setting your video up and showing something that will pique your viewer’s interests and entice them to continue watching. 

Build Your Website

Vlogs can be posted on sites such as YouTube or other video streaming sites that are widely used to allow you to reach a wide and engaged audience. Although, as your vlog grows you might want to consider expanding the content of your vlog by utilising your own website.

These sites allow you to have the option to design your site to support your style and branding and will allow your following the option to be able to see your content shared on platforms such as YouTube whilst remaining on your site and seeing all of the other content that you have to share.  Owning a website gives you great power when it comes to marketing. You can increase your viewership by designing a weekly blog, newsletter or even make content exclusive for website visitors.

Posting Your Content

Now that you have created your vlog and have your sharing platform chosen, it is time to go ahead and start sharing. When you are happy with your edited vlog it is time to upload it. When uploading you will be given the option of the export size, thumbnail options and more. Remember, you need to catch the eye of a potential viewer, so think creatively about your titles, opening clip and thumbnails.

Be Consistent

The final tip when it comes to creating a successful vlogging site is that consistency is the key to your success. You need to be creating and generating fresh new vlog content on a regular basis. Generally, speaking we’d recommend uploading three to five times a week.

If you’re struggling there are a few ways around it. For example, creating a planner and schedule will allow you to formulate a plan around the content that you want to share and allow you to when you need to produce and upload videos to your platform. If you are not consistent your audience won’t engage as much or proceed to subscribe to you, so sticking to your schedule is important. 

Last but not least, If you set up your own vlogging website, it can sometimes be easier to post more regularly. Even if you are not sharing a new vlog you will have the ability to create and share messages to your followers and still engage and interact with them without needing to post a new video. This also applies to social media, make sure to be everywhere your fans might be, trust us it’s worth it.

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