Guide to Betting on Women’s Football

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With the Euros 2022 final in the spotlight, we have created a helpful guide on how to bet safely on women’s football. Betting can be fun for many, including those who do it on a special occasion, such as for a horse race or a big Champions League final.

Top Tips

There are many great ways to figure out who to bet on women’s football. One of the best ways is by finding a betting tipster or looking at the odds given by betting sites such as Bet365 or Oddschecker. These odds will give you a piece of fairly good advice when it comes to potential outcomes in a female football game.

Staying Safe and Setting Limits

While betting on a Women’s Super League or an Internation Game can be great fun for yourself and your family, it’s essential to set betting limits so you don’t get yourself into trouble. Typically, a betting platform will allow you to do this, meaning you won’t be able to bet more than the limit. As a general rule, we recommend starting with a low betting cap such as £50 or £100.

Taking One Free

Offers are a big part of betting culture, and this doesn’t exclude women’s footy. If you’re looking for a free bet or a bigger return, look around for tournament offers from various betting sites. Normally, a free bet will apply if you deposit a certain amount of cash into your account. At times a £5 minimum will suffice.

Choosing an International Team

At this moment, England, Germany and United States are the strongest countries in the world of football, so they are a safe bet when it comes to choosing your favourite. If you’re looking for someone that can cause an upset, then Japan and France are your potential options, though we wouldn’t rule out Canada either.

Choosing a Super League Team

If you prefer club football, then choosing clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal will be your go-to. Though, we also see a lot of potential in teams such as Manchester United Women.

Predicting a Score for Tomorrow’s and Today’s Games

If you’re looking for up-to-date information on how to predict football scores, then looking at women’s historical games is a good shout. You’ll also want to look at the most recent results and changes in the line-up. Injuries will also play a crucial part in how well a team can do. For example, England without a player like Lucy Bronze is significantly weaker, thus giving a lesser-strong team a bigger chance of winning.

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