5 Reasons To Buy a DeadCat for Your Microphone

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Audio in vlogs is becoming platform-dependent yet remains a critical component. For example, 96% of YouTube users watch with the sound on, while Facebook encourages videos with captions. If you are a vlogger with audio, you will soon become aware of the annoying unwanted audio defects in your recordings. One way to reduce these is with a DeadCat for your microphone. A small and furry attachment for audio recording equipment.

Why Use a DeadCat?

If you take any pride in your video production, you cannot ignore the importance of quality audio. Numerous foam devices are available for minimizing defects. Yet, a furry microphone DeadCat is one of the most valuable attachments when recording audio indoors or with a light breeze outside since it is designed to reduce the effects of wind through your microphone.

Additionally, the sounds made by your own breathing are drastically reduced when you use the correct equipment. A reduction in extra and unwanted audio defects will make your vlogs come across as more professional, which is likely to inspire an increase in viewership and watch times. More viewings equates to more subscribers and niche authority.

Maximum Audio Quality

As with your video production, quality audio is required alongside it. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes made by new vloggers is paying too much attention to the visuals and overlooking the sound quality. A fact highlighted by the fact that many vlogging kits don’t include a DeadCat as standard. However, neglecting audio will cause you to lose viewers by seeming unprofessional. 

Waiting to Exhale

One of the primary reasons for a DeadCat when vlogging is so you can breathe normally while recording your audio. When talking through your video, you need to inhale and exhale. A DeadCat is excellent at catching exhalation sounds and dispersing them, so they aren’t picked up on your recording as a loud, unwanted wind sound.

Breaking the Wind

Speaking of wind, you need to break it. No, not in the embarrassing way we all do. But in the sense of dampening the effects of any external gusts, your audio recorded may pick up. Of course, these are beneficial when used outside, but even indoor recording is subject to unwanted wind sounds. These come from exhales, doors, draughts and windows.

Audio Awareness

Along with other audio equipment, a microphone DeadCat is a vital tool for analyzing your acoustic environments when recording. Whether you listen through headphones or employ an audio engineer, a DeadCat allows you to perceive all external audio. It is, therefore, a good idea to listen to the sound as you record it and apply a DeadCat any time you can hear the wind of any kind.

Your Audience Expects It

As vlogs become more and more complex, the audience demands top-quality production. You cannot compete with a team of professional media personnel. However, paying attention to such things as using a microphone DeadCat to reduce extraneous and erroneous audio breaching your videos means the difference between a user continuing to watch or switching channels.