11 Vlogging Statistics That Matter in 2022

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Vlogging is one of the most renowned creative fields in marketing. With its vast impact on influencer marketing and its connection to brand promotion, we have conducted a survey asking around five hundred creators to build up an image and an overview of vlogging in 2022 and how their creative decisions shape it.

More than 61% of vloggers upload more than one video a week

According to our survey, over half of vloggers upload content more than once a week. This trend to upload frequent content isn’t unusual and has been associated with success for many fast-growing channels on platforms such as YouTube. This increased trend to upload more will likely rise higher when more channels shift to shorter content for platforms like Shorts and TikTok.

2 in 10 YouTube channels upload Shorts

YouTube shorts is one of the most talked-about platforms since TikTok. It’s YouTube’s answer to TikTok but hasn’t gained anywhere near the support from creators as TikTok has with its massive growth during 2020. Will Shorts become the next big thing?

Around 4 out of 5 creators prefer TikTok over YouTube Shorts

TikTok seems to be the more popular choice for creators, even those that primarily upload their content on YouTube. This is most likely as TikTok is more established for this type of content length, and thus the audience is searching for quicker digestive content for their busy daily lives.

Around 1 in 15 creators outsource editing

Outsourcing editing can be expensive, but a considerable amount of creators outsource editing to freelance editors, professional video editors, and even video and content agencies with busy schedules.

Around 1 out 5 creators have had sponsorship deals that lasted for more than one video

Sponsorship deals for creators can make or break their careers, and whilst one video ads are great, just under 20% of creators have said they have had a sponsorship deal for more than one video.

More than 86% of creators use royalty-free music for their videos

A massive majority of creators utilise royalty-free music platforms for their videos. The others and some within the mix of the majority also create their own music or simply use no music or extra sound packages for the videos.

More than 81% of creators believe that TikTok will remain the leader in short-form video content over Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts

No one can predict the future, but having creators see TikTok as the favourite platform to remain does put some questions if YouTube and Instagram are doing enough to push their platforms. Maybe it’s time to separate Shorts and Reels into a new app?

Around 7 out of 10 YouTube creators have secondary YouTube channels for content

This is a not surprising factor; many creators are using a second channel for further content expansion that can cover outtakes, commentaries, longer videos, and content that may not relate to their daily vlogs, such as gaming content.

More than 68% of creators use Adobe Premiere as their primary video editing software

Adobe Premiere seems to be the core leader alongside creators for video editing. Its easy-to-use software that links with the Adobe Suite has made it a perfect solution for beginners and professionals. The second most popular choice was the classic Final Cut Pro, a video editing software made by Apple.

Around 1 in 6 vloggers use Sony cameras to shoot their content

Canon and Sony are leading the way when it comes to producing cameras for online content. The brands seem to have a stronghold when it comes to marketing for vloggers, too; Sony has invested in their marketing to fit the vlogging niche, and so has Canon.

More than 38% of creators have collaborated with another creator within the last year.

Whilst collaboration isn’t for everyone, a lot of creators have created content with another creator within the last year. This is a considerable statistic, making 1 in 3 creators active in looking for collaborative partners and showing the power of working together in a highly competitive field with creators looking to take the top spot.

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